Aussies 4 Vets

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the lives of US Veterans. Your generous donation will fund our mission in providing Aussie Service Dogs to deserving vets, free of charge.

Triple Creek Aussies will be starting a non-profit organization, which will breed, train, & provide Aussie Service dogs for US Military Service Men & Women in need. The money raised will be used to provide for the nutritional needs, medical care, & the required service training for each Aussie. These service animals are desperately needed to improve the lives of those who suffer from PTSD & other combat related illnesses & injuries.

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Aussies 4 Vets

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Join us in providing Aussie Service Animals to US Military Vets in need

Our Nation is Eternally Grateful for Their Sacrifice

Aussies 4 Vets

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